Web Design & Development

Why should you invest in a website?

A website has become an important part of a company's profile, today more than ever. With more and more homes and businesses having access to the internet it is recognised as one of the most cost effective forms of advertising and selling available, and if your competitors get there first then you could be missing out on potentially valuable custom.

A website will help you attract more customers and, ultimately, more sales. Additionally, a well designed professional website will help you capture the right customers i.e. the ones who want your service. Having a website is like having a salesperson who never sleeps and is always there to provide information to your customers when they want it.

Beyond websites

At MCS we don't just create websites, we also build web apps, much like the apps you might use on your smartphone but, rather than being tied to one platform, such as Android or IOS, web apps run in the browser on any platform, including desktop PC's, laptops, Windows tablets etc. Web apps can also be designed to work offline, just like dedicated apps, downloading and uploading data only when needed when online.

Choosing a web developer

Your website will likely be the first thing that a new customer will see of your company and, as such, should create the best first impression possible. This means that it should render as quickly and cleanly as possible, it should be clear and concise in it's presentation and should be easy to navigate. If your website is slow, jumbled or unclear then it will quickly put off visitors and potential customers which will be bad news for you, good news for your competitors.

Many a time people suggest that someone's brother/son/sister/friend can design a website at the weekend. While this may be true, it should be noted that in 99% of cases the family/friend "designer" uses off-the-shelf WYSIWYG software that does most of the HTML programming behind the scenes, badly and inefficiently. Such websites may look good on the PC it was created on, it may even look good on your PC because you use the same web browser as the "designer". But, look at that website from your customers' PC and it may be a completely different story if they're not using the "default" web browser, a common situation as more people move away from the MicrosoftTM browsers, or use mobile web browsers.

Why choose MCS to build your website or app?

At MCS we develop websites in pure HTML code and test against all mainstream web browsers to ensure that the sites we create are fast, efficient and look just as good on any PC, Mac and, where possible, mobile devices.

Whilst building your website we will also apply all the latest SEO (Search Engine optimisation) techniques to help your website gain favourable positioning in the search engines. However, we will never apply any "get ranked quick" methods as these will inevitably involve "black hat" techniques that will eventually get you demoted or even banned from the search engines altogether. Good ranking comes from good quality content, proper site development, quality links from related sites and a little bit of patience.

MCS has vast experience in a wide range of advanced web development skills used to create powerful and customised functionality for your website. Web development skills include HTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript and VBScript. We also specialise in using MySQL databases with PHP for database driven content. Such customised development can be used for adding advanced functionality such as intelligent forms, database driven dynamic content, data manipulation, ecommerce shopping carts, online training, logging and statistical analysis, mailing lists, classified ads, file management, guest books, graphs, interactive diaries... the possibilities are almost limitless.